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Exercises in Catholic Mythology

The Art and Science of Worshipping God

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Bible Translations

New translations of books of the bible from Hebrew and Greek for a Roman Catholic audience.

Essay on Biblical History

An essay looking at features of biblical history from the viewpoint of Roman Catholic Faith and modern science.

Hauptwerk Custom Organs

Custom organ definitions for Hauptwerk, a computer based organ sampler.

How to CODM

A PDF guide to help a new Hauptwerk Custom Organ Definition Module programmer be able to code their own CODM organ more quickly and efficiently.

Reed Organ Tuning Table

A downloadable excel file that allows a reed organ tuner to tune their organ in equal temperament with middle A equalling any frequency they choose, and generates a suitable celeste for each note automatically

Hebrew Gregorian Chant

Recordings of Hebrew bible texts set to Gregorian chant, and sung in Hebrew.


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