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New Additions!

I wanted to start sharing with you an example of one of my new interests, Hebrew chant! I became interested in it after starting to wonder how Jesus would have chanted the Psalms, and looking into if there was any way to find out how they were sung. After much research, I became convinced that while we may not be able to recreate exactly how they were sung by Jesus, there are a lot of amazing Hebrew resources out there which can help us put together Hebrew renditions of the Psalms that are beautiful. Among these are the rich tradition of Hebrew Cantillation, which I used to some extent to write a new melody for one of the prayers of Moses: Altashet Ameka (Do Not Destroy). If you would like to hear it sung, head over to the Sacred Music page of this website!

In addition, I have published a new Free Custom Organ for the Hauptwerk application! This one takes the organ that is included with Hauptwerk, "St. Anne's," and expands it so that more music can be played on it. I named it after a saint I admire, St. Augustine of Canterbury. Check out the "Organ" page of this website if you would like to find out more details!

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