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Website Redesign and New Project Posting!

As my website has been growing, it has been getting a bit more unwieldy to navigate. As a result, I have reformatted the website. Now you will find a directory to all my posted projects so far on the "Home" page, where there is a link to their own page on the website.

The next thing to announce is that I have posted a new project! After spending a lot of time praying, reading and studying the psalms, I decided that there were a lot of problems with the translations currently in use. Among some of the problems I found were translation errors, the frequent use of language that makes it hard to arrive at the intended meaning, and a lot of translation choices that don't make sense either for the original Hebrew, for Roman Catholics, or both. So I went through every Hebrew word, and studied its definition, context and grammar, and intending to translate it through a Roman Catholic lens, rendered an English translation. The purpose of this is not to replace any currently available translations, but to create a text that tries to use Tradition, the preserved texts and translations, the context of their writing, and modern knowledge about science and the source material to illuminate the true meaning of the scripture, and then adapt it in a Roman Catholic faith-centred way to a modern English speaker. The result delights me, and has really helped me to read the psalms and understand them on a more intuitive level, and I hope that it can do something like this for others. Hope you enjoy them!

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