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New Bible Translation!

After several months of translating, my next translation project is now complete! Here I translate the letter of Saint Paul to the Romans. You can find it under the new "Bible Translations" section of the site, along with my translation of the Psalms.

I felt this translation was necessary because all of the English translations I have had access to don't appear to translate most of the document correctly. In particular, these translations do not interpret the passages regarding belief/faith correctly, nor the passages regarding the eating of meats sacrificed to idols. St. Paul uses prepositions in a very confusing way in the text, and most English translations appear to use this as a pretext to translate important sections to fit their beliefs, rather than attempting to render exactly what Saint Paul was trying to say. Further, many of the expressions in Greek appear to be transliteration of common Hebrew sayings and turns of phrase, so where this was evident I translated it in the light of what St. Paul was trying to say originally. The translation was done with an eye to not omit any important details, and to try to translate words so the originally intended meaning is the closest to the current modern meaning of the word. In my opinion, this results in a text that has much better narrative flow, and whose ideas, while still complex, are still relatively understandable. The text is more sensitive to the historical context, and the ideas are presented closer to how we would understand what Saint Paul was talking about.

On the Bible Translations page of this site (accessible through clicking "Go to Page" on the "Bible Translations" section of the site directory), you can click on the "Download as PDF" under the appropriate heading. Thanks!

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